Versace for h&m

The title speaks by itself, Versace for h&m!
Ah! the huge queues, fashionistas struggling to get the precious items, the questionable prices… isn’t it wonderful? Every year, we experience the same emotion when one of these amazing collaborations is about to be released.
Last year Lanvin’s collection for h&m was a complete success. In my opinion, this year h&m has chosen a risky option :Versace
I grew up in the 90s’ and one of my first fashion memories was Versace’s loud colours and bright prints, as well as the golden details in his rich silk dresses. I remember Claudia Schiffer in a Versace’s black dress with a gorgeous blonde tall pony tail or a tanned Linda Evangelista wearing Versace’s unique prints.
This thrilling collection captures the brand’s essence and to those who love Versace this collection is an opportunity to acquire one or more signature garments, including the amazing complements.



Past and present! Can you spot any difference between Karen Mulder wearing the silk and leather Greek key garment in Versace’s f/w 91 and Donatella’s collaboration for h&m?
I love this outfit!!













My favourites: the black dresses both 79.99€
Donatella and Anna dello Russo were spotted wearing the beautiful and wild leather dress, I want that one!
Finally, two of my favourite complements: scarf 24,99€
Handbag 99,99€
How about you? What’s your opinion about this collaboration?

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One Response to Versace for h&m

  1. Lee Oliviera says:

    The collection was great but shame it wasn’t livestream
    lee x

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