Tie me!: Bow ties

Tie me softly: Velvet ties and bow tie blouses

We find this trend in shirts, delicate blouses and even coats.
I have remember to see this trend over many years and in the past it wasn’t odd to find shirts with a tie, specially the black and white combination.
It has been frequent throughout the years to find these ties in many collections (e.g. Nina Ricci or Chanel) We have seen big soft silky bows in blouses with a Faye Dunaway 70s’ touch, thin ties combined with cotton shirts to give a “country-folk” appearance or with a “rockabilly” inspiration as topshop showed us in its “new mod” lookbook.
It’s amazing how a simple bow tie can change an outfit, that’s the reason why I love them. So, either if you’re thinking about a sophisticated look, smart look or a preppy look, bow ties are the answer.
Let’s see some of my favorite choices!




Chloe Sevigny and Alexa Chung know how to wear ties!



A gorgeous mustard blouse by Primark.
Topshop amazing lookbook and my favorite season coat!

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