What happened with studded shoes?

What happened with studded shoes?

Last year I thought I was becoming nuts when I started to see studded shoes everywhere. Spikes in every single complement, leather fetish and stuff.
Don’t get me wrong I love spikes, studs and leather but watching Kim Kardashian wearing a whole spiked dress, that was too much! Not to mention, spiked Loubous! they are lovely but it’s just that every time I see certain celebrities wearing them, they suddenly become so so tacky.
This year we can find them in high street fashion stores such as office or topshop (mainly loafers and brogues)
To me, the perfect way of wearing them is a naïve look finished with a high heeled pumps! The best examples are always provided by fashion designers.
Reviewing some of the most famous studded shoes we will see that combining them is not as hard as it seems. Even risky choices could have an stunning result.
Let’s spike it!









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1 Response to What happened with studded shoes?

  1. Dastardly says:

    Much love for spiked shoes!

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