Spring effect photos

Primavera en Hampstead, estampados florales por todas partes, coronas de trenzas y un color: madreselva.

Spring at Hampstead, floral prints everywhere, braided crowns and a colour: honeysuckle.

Photos: Awear, my photo (all the photos are edited with Instagram), the virgin suicides (film), erdem hair at spring/summer 2011, topshop, my photo,Valentino spring 2011, erdem sunglasses spring 2011, my photo, Hugo Boss, h&m, the virgin suicides (film), ASOS catalogue, my photo, Givenchy haute couture ss. 2011, the virgin suicides (film), my photo.


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1 Response to Spring effect photos

  1. Me encanta esta tendencia: trencitas, flores y madreselva… Voy a disfrutar mucho este verano…Besosss

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