Versace for h&m

The title speaks by itself, Versace for h&m!
Ah! the huge queues, fashionistas struggling to get the precious items, the questionable prices… isn’t it wonderful? Every year, we experience the same emotion when one of these amazing collaborations is about to be released.
Last year Lanvin’s collection for h&m was a complete success. In my opinion, this year h&m has chosen a risky option :Versace
I grew up in the 90s’ and one of my first fashion memories was Versace’s loud colours and bright prints, as well as the golden details in his rich silk dresses. I remember Claudia Schiffer in a Versace’s black dress with a gorgeous blonde tall pony tail or a tanned Linda Evangelista wearing Versace’s unique prints.
This thrilling collection captures the brand’s essence and to those who love Versace this collection is an opportunity to acquire one or more signature garments, including the amazing complements.



Past and present! Can you spot any difference between Karen Mulder wearing the silk and leather Greek key garment in Versace’s f/w 91 and Donatella’s collaboration for h&m?
I love this outfit!!













My favourites: the black dresses both 79.99€
Donatella and Anna dello Russo were spotted wearing the beautiful and wild leather dress, I want that one!
Finally, two of my favourite complements: scarf 24,99€
Handbag 99,99€
How about you? What’s your opinion about this collaboration?

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The Disciples

I’m a fan of being a fan. I’ve got some favourite bands and aesthetic crushes on some bands too, that’s the reason why I’ve choosen to talk about the photography art book The Disciples by James Mollison.
An amazing exhibition of Mollison’s photographies were hosted by different museums around the world. It’s a shame that I couldn’t have the opportunity of seeing it!
Mollison’s book is available on amazon at a reasonable price.
I will post a few photos of those looks that have amazed me. I’m planning to write a series of posts about the different fans’ looks, it’s so awesome!







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Metallics, camo greens, deep blues, nudes and beiges: Nail colours for fall 2011

I love nail polishes, manicures and I consider nails one key element for a great outfit.
I don’t use to talk about too much about trends in connection with make up, hairstyles or nail colours because I am faithful to my make up, hairdo and to my black-red nail polish combination.
Things are starting to change a little bit and I am trying new colours. It is amazing to discover how great they look! That’s the reason why this post is about trendy nail colours.

Fabolous OPI’s palette says it all. These are this fall colours!

Essie’s nudes and beiges


Chanel’s metallics, my favourite 531 peridot.
Dior’s nail colours, my favourite blue denim!


Finally, two options from two bloggers:
YSL la laque 43 (

And MAC Rain of flowers (


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Mondrian inspiration

Mondrian inspiration

Who doesn’t know the super-famous YSL Mondrian dress??
One of the most amazing dresses ever! For this reason is not so odd to find thousands of imitations, DIY tutorials or inspiration in this fashion referent.
One of the fashion designers that has known has to kept the essence and reinvent the Mondrian print and style is Castelbajac, also one of my most admired fashion designers.
Every time he launches a new collection I fall in love!
So let’s have a look at the gorgeous original Mondrian dress and Castelbajac’s reinterpretation of the Mondrian’s paintings.


In his Spring/Summer ready to wear collection he introduced a new element what has been called “Mickey meets Mondrian”


Big checked prints is one of this season’s trends and if we mention checked garments we necessarily need to talk about Prada.
I post here one of this collection favourite dresses and a link to Wallis where you could find a pretty good version of this dress.


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Tie me!: Bow ties

Tie me softly: Velvet ties and bow tie blouses

We find this trend in shirts, delicate blouses and even coats.
I have remember to see this trend over many years and in the past it wasn’t odd to find shirts with a tie, specially the black and white combination.
It has been frequent throughout the years to find these ties in many collections (e.g. Nina Ricci or Chanel) We have seen big soft silky bows in blouses with a Faye Dunaway 70s’ touch, thin ties combined with cotton shirts to give a “country-folk” appearance or with a “rockabilly” inspiration as topshop showed us in its “new mod” lookbook.
It’s amazing how a simple bow tie can change an outfit, that’s the reason why I love them. So, either if you’re thinking about a sophisticated look, smart look or a preppy look, bow ties are the answer.
Let’s see some of my favorite choices!




Chloe Sevigny and Alexa Chung know how to wear ties!



A gorgeous mustard blouse by Primark.
Topshop amazing lookbook and my favorite season coat!

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What happened with studded shoes?

What happened with studded shoes?

Last year I thought I was becoming nuts when I started to see studded shoes everywhere. Spikes in every single complement, leather fetish and stuff.
Don’t get me wrong I love spikes, studs and leather but watching Kim Kardashian wearing a whole spiked dress, that was too much! Not to mention, spiked Loubous! they are lovely but it’s just that every time I see certain celebrities wearing them, they suddenly become so so tacky.
This year we can find them in high street fashion stores such as office or topshop (mainly loafers and brogues)
To me, the perfect way of wearing them is a naïve look finished with a high heeled pumps! The best examples are always provided by fashion designers.
Reviewing some of the most famous studded shoes we will see that combining them is not as hard as it seems. Even risky choices could have an stunning result.
Let’s spike it!









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Mermaids: Fish scale sequin amazingness

Hi there!
Hoy os voy a hablar de otra de mis caprichos de temporada, las escamas!!

Today, I’m going to talk about another of my season whims, fish scales!

Prada lo ha vuelto a hacer! una colección para sentirse miserable por no tener un real.
La verdad es que cuando vi por primera vez la colección las escamas no fueron lo que más me gustó.
La culpa de este flechazo la tiene el catálogo del Asos que sacó a Isabel Lucas con una falda de escamas y aunque el reportaje iba sobre un rollo jipiolo, no pudo evitar atraer mi atención. Ahora estoy ahorrando para gastarme 95 librazas en LA falda.

Prada has done it again! a collection that makes me feel miserable for not having a penny.
The truth is that when I saw for the first time Prada’s collection, fish scales where my least favorite thing.
But then, I saw Isabel Lucas wearing a fish scale sequin skirt on Asos catalogue and bang! love at the first sight. Although the photo shoot had a hippie thing that I personally don’t like at all, I couldn’t help feeling the attraction.
Now, I’m saving 95 pounds to get THE skirt.

Si pensabáis que Prada es el pionero de las escamas y el rollo sirena, estáis muy equivocados…Ah! las ideas están en el aire y la inspiración en mitología, cortes clásicos en las prendas, naturaleza, cine y por supuesto en las colecciones de otros diseñadores.

If you think that Prada was the first which used fish scale sequins and the mermaid inspiration, you are very wrong…Ah! ideas are everywhere and the inspiration is in mythology, classic patterns, nature, films and of course, in other designers’ collections.

Echemos un vistazo a sirenas varias.
Let’s have a look at some varied mermaids.


Daryl Hannah
Jean Paul Gaultier ss08




Me encanta!! Terminamos con Prada
Still not feeling the love dears? Let’s finish with the fab Prada collection!








Now, you see why I desperately want a fish scale sequin skirt!
Finally, I leave you a link to an amazing leather sequin DIY by a really creative blogger

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